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After a long and heated zoom discussion, our 2020 Shadow Panel made the very difficult decision to name Inferno by Catherine Cho as their winner.

The Judges of the Award will announce their winner next Thursday – will they agree or will they choose a different winner?

“Inferno is a special story that digs its fingers into your heart and refuses to let go. It’s powerful, evocative and gives a sharp insight into a subject that isn’t spoke about nearly enough, but at the same it hums with a unique sort of magic underneath the gritty realism – a blend of memories, folk tales and gorgeous prose that proves that Catherine Cho is a master of her craft. Simply breath-taking.” – Charlie Edwards-Freshwater, The Book Boy





“Intense and frighteningly clever.” – Ova Ceren, Excuse My Reading

“Inferno has brought back a lot of my own child birth memories and it was such a gripping and compelling recount of one of the most traumatic human experiences” – Sissi Zhang, Sissi Reads

“an extremely brave, raw and hard-hitting book, bringing a cross-cultural perspective to a topic that is still not widely known or spoken about” – Marina Sofia, Finding Time to Write


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