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“The themes of Salt Slow are universal but explored highly innovatively. We’re so used to a lack of sleep, for example, but having the concept personified in this wraith-like fashion is such a clever and affecting approach. Julia Armfield made me wonder what my own Sleep might look like and how it might behave. With body image, relationships, birth, death, nature, popular culture, relationships, love and obsession woven into the stories I’d defy any reader not to find something in Salt Slow that spoke directly to them through Julia Armfield’s writing.” – Linda Hill, Linda’s Book Bag


“It took me some time to absorb these stories. The collection is a complex mix of magical realism and the everyday issues faced by and dealt with by women. The author’s women range from the schoolgirl suffering with diseased skin, to the sadness and despair of the woman whose marriage is broken.

This is a beautifully presented book; the cover design is outstanding and truly reflects what is between the pages.
At times difficult to read, and with most collections of stories, some of these pleased me more than others, but on the whole this is an inventive and smart collection of writings from a gifted young author.” – Anne Cater, Random Things Through My Letterbox

“Salt Slow is a delicious short story collection that deserves to be savoured and re-read, as I think it is one of those books that will reveal something different to my reading experience every time I open it. Sharp, witty and defiantly different, Julia Armfield unapologetically puts women at the front and centre of all of the stories, and dares you to challenge them as to why they shouldn’t be.” – Clare Reynolds, Years of Reading Selfishly


salt slow is a collection of Armfield’s short stories, mostly with a fantastical element. There are nine stories in all, which in varying ways make a metaphor, an inner condition or aspect of being real. That might mean losing the ability to sleep when that sleep takes physical form and steps away, incarnating a Valkyrie-like feminine force as a rock group on tour or expressing the tension and mourning of one’s parents breaking up by taking on the nature of a wolf. They’re stories that centre young women’s experiences, that take the time to express their feelings, indeed to personify those feelings.

Every one of the stories is a joy to read.” – David Harris, Blue Book Balloon


“Her writing is evocative without being over the top, giving away just enough details to place you into the heart of the story but still maintaining a sense of mystery. The twists are executed well and never feel gimmicky thanks to the often matter-of-fact tone of voice.” – Phoebe Williams, The Brixton Bookworm

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