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“I found myself completely engrossed in the story and found myself wanting to read more and more. The sense of place is amazing. Marina Kemp has painted a hauntingly beautiful picture of love, prejudice and death. It is unsettling but also utterly moving. It is beautifully written with so much tenderness. ” – Sissi Zhang, Sissi Reads


“The writing is simply beautiful- dreamy, tactile – Kemp is the sort of author who can make the cracked tiles of an old swimming pool feel nostalgic, and it’s so easy to get swept up in all of the little details at play.” – Charlie Edwards-Freshwater, The Book Boy


“We have careful observation of gestures and dialogue, a gradual reveal of motivations and tensions, good pacing generally. There are also passages of lyrical, yearning intensity that are simply beautifully written. ” – Marina Sofia, Finding Time To Write

” The novel is definitely melancholic and from time to time goes to difficult to deal with issues by climbing down in Marguerite’s own past. It’s a strong debut and makes you wonder how Kemp will develop as a writer, and I would read again from her for certain.” – Ova Ceren, Excuse My Reading


“You truly feel transported when reading Nightingale. Imagine vast fields of green, fruit-bearing trees, the warmth of the sun and intoxicating clean air. What kept me reading on was this sense of something hidden, trying to understand what Marguerite is running from, hiding in a small town far from home.” – Hope Ndaba, Black Book Bitch

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