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” the overall sensation I had after reading the book was that I’d been frozen by Ava’s icy temperament, and that I had been slashed and cut by too many razor-sharp remarks, without encountering any effort to thaw or heal me.” – Marina Sofia, Finding Time To Read


“I love the dialogues very very much. They are so dry and awkward that I just love. They are very sarcastic and sharp but sometimes very silly too. These dialogues have kept me entertained thoroughly. ” Sissi Zhang, Sissi Reads

“I feel like Exciting Times is one of those books you will either love or heavily dislike. It’s a millennial love story in the same vein of Normal People but with a sapphic twist.” – Charlie Edwards-Freshwater, The Book Boy


“I loved the stylish, chic and romanticised imagery it made me visualise. The dialogue in this book is razor sharp and a tad spicy which I loved. Something that interested me was the contradiction between who Ava is and her actions.” – Hope Ndaba, Black Book Bitch

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