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“The language feels very simple, unadorned, but always uncannily ‘right’ in context. There is a lot of restraint here, plenty of breathing space, which makes the impact all the more powerful. This might be called confessional poetry, and certainly there seems to be plenty of autobiographical detail in these poems, but it’s a delicate, elliptical emotion, recollected in tranquillity. The poet himself recognises that this quieter, more personal type of poetry may feel too much like a retreat to an ivory tower at this particular moment.” – Marina Sofia, Finding Time To Write


“My favourite poem in this collection is Buile Suibhne. The way Sean Hewitt translated this ancient tale was incredibly haunting. The longing, the loneness and the madness! It was so affecting. But it was the last poem that got me in tears.” – Sissi Zhang, Sissi Reads

“My particular favourite poem was one called Dryad – the perfect blend of Hewitt’s wisttful reminisces with a deep sexual undercurrent that feels just as silently powerful as woods where the poem takes place.” – Charlie Edwards-Freshwater, The Book Boy


“Seán Hewitt’s Tongues of Fire is a poetry collection so raw and beautiful and the images conjured by Hewitt’s lyrics are crystal clear, almost cinematic. This is a collection that dances between the world of the living and the world of old things, people who have come and gone and higher powers. The poems explore grief, love, sex but also life and renewal.” – Hope Ndaba, Black Book Bitch

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