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Ross Raisin won the award in 2009 for God’s Own Country

  1. Make sure that you know why it is that you do want to break into publication.  And not to ask yourself this until after you have finished your book.  Publication does not turn you, as if by magic, into a writer.  You are already a writer.  It’s important not to forget that.
  1. Finish your book.  This is the main piece of advice any author will give you.  Whatever is your writing process, ensure that you have got to the very end of it – and are satisfied that you have honed each single word – before you begin to think about the whole other process of publication.
  1. An agent who is prepared to represent you does not necessarily equate to the right agent.  Even if only one shows any interest, the relationship has to be right for you, so make sure that you speak and meet with them until you are sure.  And if you have an instinct that you do not fully trust their ability or desire to wholeheartedly invest their time and expertise in you and your book, then go back to point 1) and ask yourself again what it is that you are wanting to gain from publication.

Ross Raisin was born in 1979, in Silsden, West Yorkshire. His second novel, Waterline, was published in July 2011 (Viking, Penguin).  His first novel, God’s Own Country, came out in the UK in 2008.  The book won The Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year award in 2009, the Guildford First Novel prize, a Betty Trask Award, and was shortlisted for six others, including the Guardian First Book Award and the IMPAC Dublin literary award.  In 2013 he was named as one of Granta’s Best of Young British Novelists.  A new novel, as yet untitled, is due for publication in 2017. He has written short stories for Prospect, Granta, Esquire, Dazed and Confused, the Sunday Times, and BBC Radio Three and Four, and done journalistic feature work, mainly for the Guardian.            

Young Writer Award @YoungWriterYear

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