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Two of our previous shortlistees have new novels out this spring.

Already published is Claire North‘s 84K (Orbit), which Emily St John Mandel has hailed as “an eerily plausible dystopian masterpiece”. Claire, the author of 18 novels at the age of just 32, was shortlisted for the 2017 award for her novel The End of the Day. You can read a review of her new novel in The Sunday Times 8July.

Published this week is Benjamin Wood‘s third novel, A Station on the Path to Somewhere Better (Scribner), about the equivocal ties between a father and son. Wood was shortlisted for the Young Writer award in 2016 for his novel The Ecliptic, and Sarah Waters  has already extravagantly praised his new work: “Wood takes the passing, shabby details of mundane landscapes and makes them jitter and throb with yearning and menace. A Station on the Path to Somewhere Better is his best work yet  a novel written from the gut, and with a correspondingly visceral power.  A superbly unsettling account of trauma and cautious recovery.”  You can read a review of Wood’s new book in the 15July issue of The Sunday Times.


The Sunday Times is the UK’s largest circulation quality Sunday newspaper with a circulation of 792,210. Over 413,600 people subscribe to the digital and/or print editions of The Sunday Times and The Times. Renowned for its technological innovation, The Sunday Times is available for download on all platforms and devices including Android, Amazon Kindle and iOS. The Sunday Times has a reputation for award-winning, courageous and campaigning investigative journalism, breaking many major world exclusives. With 12 sections every week, The Sunday Times offers great value to readers and it is recognised not only for breaking news but for its unrivalled coverage of sports, business, the arts and entertainment.

Read all the latest book reviews at thesundaytimes.co.uk/books

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